List of Quality Black-Produced Indie Comics Titles


The Fool’s Crusade:

In the interest of fostering diversity and increasing awareness of independent African-American professionals in the comics biz, here’s a great list of titles that you might not know about. If you’re not on the list, feel free to add your title and link(s). 

Thanks to Jason Reeves for compiling this great list! Next up: a list of works by female creators!

Appreciate the love!

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Art by Erwin Prasetya! Colors and KFS! #1: Extended Play  - - coming soon!

It’s coming along nicely!

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Kung Fu Skratch! fan art of Jason Stonewall by Jason Richardson!

Jason Richardson’s dA Page - HERE

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I love it when fellow creators and artists do their interpretation of my characters! Stephen Kelly did this sweet pin-up of Jason Stonewall versus his OC! Very cool!

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KFS! #1: Komplete Pages (Page 35 and 44-45 roughs shown)!

I wanna thank Don Zhang for his contributions on pages 22-24, 35-36, and the layouts for 42, 44-45 and helping out Erwin with the workload! 

New cover concepts for the extended, 64 page Kung Fu Skratch! #1 by Andres Silva Blanco! This will be available first for Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers of the KFS! #2 (which is being merged into this monster!) campaign! 46 pages of story, and 18 pages of bonus material! It will be available digitally in early 2014 on comixology and hopefully later on with a publisher (if I can find one).

The second half to Kung Fu Skratch! #1, Welcome 2 Brickhaven (B-Sides) is almost done!